About Ikut Barbershop Lekki

Who We Are

Ikut Barbershop was established with a dream of building a barbershop where people from all walks of life could feel relaxed, receive a matchless level of service and relish a one-of-a-kind haircut, styling and grooming experience.

As a result of our dedication to our clients, we are widely recognized as the barbershop of choice in the Lekki area of Lagos. We have been able to create an atmosphere that recognizes the modern wants and needs of our clients, this we achieve without compromising our values and standards.

What Stands Us Out

At Ikut Barbershop, we keep ourselves updated on latest industry trends, which allows us to not only stay current, but also be innovative and dictate trends. We also ensure that we constantly train our barbers to further make them stay fresh.

In order to always maintain a standout persona for you, we have effectively crafted our styling approach in a thoughtful manner. The overall result is providing standout services that always exceed your expectations.

About Ikut Barbershop Lekki
About Ikut Barbershop Lekki

Why Choose Us

We work with you in a manner that ensure you create your own story and own your own signature. Should you require to create and outstanding identity, we are definitely you perfect partner in achieving it.

Our specialty and purpose is to make sure your specifications are detailed, analyzed and delivered in an unmatched manner. We do not just give you a signature experienceā€¦ WE GIVE YOU THE SIGNATURE EXPERIENCE.